Instant Solutions to Your
Speech Therapy Needs

Instant Solutions to Your Speech Therapy Needs

Engaging, effective, and affordable speech therapy materials for school age children. 

ALL materials provided in PDF format only which makes them conveniently available 
for immediate download and use on your tablet, laptop, or computer!

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Quick Overview  

For a quick overview of our company and products, click on either of the images below to download a two-page brochure. If you have more time, we encourage you to browse through our site. We know you'll especially like the Free Downloads page!


Our Focus 

There is such a myriad of speech therapy specialties, websites, and materials that it can be difficult navigating all of the resources available to SLPs. We thought it would be helpful to clearly identify who we are and what we can do to help you with your speech therapy practice.

1. We believe:

-The most effective way to remediate misarticulated sounds is drill, drill, drill. And then more drill.

-Drill does not have to be a dreary exercise. In fact, it should be extremely fun and engaging for both the SLPs and students.

-Speech therapy materials should be affordable. We realize you’re on a budget!

-You should "try before you buy." In addition to weekly free downloads, we offer a free sample exercise from each of our products for you to try with your students. We know you'll be convinced once you check out our speech therapy materials.

2. Our materials:

-Focus exclusively on articulation, language and concepts.

-Are geared to elementary and early middle school age children.

-Include lots of speaking opportunities per page.

-Provide extremely targeted therapy to make the best use of therapy session time.

-Are filled with charming full-color illustrations.

-Are provided in PDF format which makes them available for immediate download and use. No need to wait for materials to be mailed to you.

-Can be conveniently used on your laptop or tablet, or as handouts. Print out just the pages you need for your therapy sessions or homework.

-Require little to no preparation on your part. Just show up to the therapy session with one or two exercises from the manuals and you have a complete lesson plan.

-Are great for homework. The clear directions on every page make it easy for a parent or caregiver to practice with the student at home.

-Work! The exercises in each of our products are based on the author's 35-year career as a school speech therapist and author of articulation and language manuals.

Our Products 

Coming Soon!

We are working on something for everyone. Next in the immediate queue are:

/K/ Blends and /G/ Blends Workbooks 
These will be companion pieces to our recently published Initial /K/ , Final /K/, Initial /G/, and Final /G/ Workbooks. Young children about to enter elementary school often substitute /t/ for a /k/ sound and /d/ for a /g/ sound. Mostly likely they have the correct tongue placement, but their voicing is wrong. These manuals will help students learn the correct production of these sounds so their articulation is appropriate for their age and matches the speech of their peers. Speech therapists can quickly teach the correct production of these sounds, but they need homework activities that are easy and motivating for parents to use with their children. Appropriate home practice will significantly reduce the time needed to maintain the student in the therapy setting. 

The Complete /S/ Series
This series will include a /TS/ instructional manual on how to begin teaching the /S/ sound along with four additional workbooks for the following /S/ sounds: Initial, Medial, Final, and Blends. Each manual will provide a complete course curriculum for remediating these sounds, beginning with a core vocabulary and progressing through increasingly complicated vocabulary and language drills. Each page will offer fun illustrations, engaging activities, and multiple opportunities for students to drill the sounds. You'll never need to buy another /S/ book again! 

Humor: Knock Knock Jokes, Homophones, and Puns
Students with learning and language difficulties often don't understand the language of humor. They are unable to identify the correct meaning of a word by its context and this puts them at a distinct social disadvantage with their peers. This workbook will help students with this challenge.

We want your feedback! Let us know what products you want to see or what would be helpful for your speech therapy practice. Please contact us through either the Contact Us or Guestbook pages.

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Currently Available

Our current catalog includes 15 books encompassing nearly 2,300 pages of materials:
  • The Initial /K/ Workbook
  • The Final /K/ Workbook
  • The Initial /G/ Workbook
  • The Final /G/ Workbook
  • Following Directions with the R, S, and Z Sounds: Listen-Speak-Practice
  • Following Directions with the SH, CH, TH, and L Sounds: Listen-Speak-Practice 
  • Tongue Twisters for the R and S Sounds
  • Tongue Twisters for the SH, CH, TH, and L Sounds
  • The Complete Vowel+R Series. Each of the six books in this series focuses on one specific sound: AIR, AR, EAR, Stressed ER, Unstressed ER, OR

For a detailed overview of the workbooks, visit the Products page.

To download free "try before you buy" sample exercises from the workbooks, visit the Free Downloads page.

To purchase the workbooks, visit the Online Store.

About Us 

The Author

Robynne Merrill Collins is an internationally recognized author of speech therapy materials and is the creator of the You Can Teach Speech Now materials available on this website. During her 35-year career as a public school speech therapist, she taught students ranging in age from pre-school to post-high school and specialized in working with intellectually impaired children with multiple speech and language disorders.

Robynne began her publishing career over 30 years ago when her first two manuals, /r/ Games for Language and /s/ Games for Language, were featured as the monthly main selections for the Library of Special Education. Her manuals were the first speech therapy publications to combine language skills with articulation therapy.

Robynne subsequently published /l/ Games for Language, Thematic Language Lessons for Early Childhood: Home, Following Directions with r-s-l-sh-ch-th, and Pencil and Paper Games for Articulation. These materials have been sold by various speech therapy publishers both nationally and internationally.

The types of manuals available through You Can Teach Speech Now did not exist during most of Robynne’s career as a school speech therapist. She is happy to offer these speech therapy materials to make your work as a speech therapist more productive, efficient, and less frustrating.

The Businesswoman

Michelle Merrill is not an internationally recognized author of speech therapy materials; however, she does have a varied background. She spent 10 years teaching English at the University of Utah and then went on to have a 16-year career at one of the world's largest human resources consulting firms as a group health and benefits consultant. She's the co-founder of You Can Teach Speech Now and is responsible for all things business-related for the company. She's also learning a LOT about speech therapy!

Future Business Partners

Based on our names, we're sure you've guessed that we are sisters. Who would have guessed all those years ago as little girls we'd end up being business partners?!



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